For information on volunteering for The Blast contact Cati Adkins at or call 541-492-0145.

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 Perfect volunteer opportunity for students, professionals, and retirees a like! Volunteer during your lunch hour!

For information on volunteering for the Lunch Heroes program contact Cati Adkins at or call 541-492-0145

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For information on becoming a mentor contact Cati Adkins at or call 492-0145.

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For Information on volunteering for the Resource Zone, a mobile drop-in center connecting youth and adults 12-21 with resources and support. With a flexible range of volunteer opportunities available, this is a great fit for almost anyone. To find out more about volunteering, contact Teresa Thresher or call 541-492-0141

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We provide:

  • Mentoring services to youth in Douglas County
  • Prevention Teams at schools in Douglas County
  • The Resource Zone-Mobile teen drop-in center 
  • Suicide intervention trainings (ASIST & QPR)
  • Problem gambling prevention events and support
Prevention Topics

Bullying Prevention

Gambling Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Violence Prevention


Alcohol Facts

Marijuana Facts

Prescription Drug Abuse

Opiate Facts

Suicide Facts

Bullying Facts

Violence Facts

Child Abuse Facts

Tobacco Facts

If you have any questions please call Cati at 541-492-0145.
You can also send an email to:

Peer Power is the Prevention Department at Adapt.

While Adapt is well known for its alcohol, drug, and gambling treatment services, it may not be as well known that we also have had a substance abuse and gambling prevention department for many years.